Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for you to setup my profiles?

Typically, your project will be completed within 20-28 business days. If we need to contact you for additional details about your business, there may be a slight delay in completing the project.

Are all the profiles created manually?

Yes. We have a dedicated group of EXPERTS who would create your profiles.Your information is 100% secure.

How do I reset my password?

We will NOT store your logins and passwords. Once the project is complete, you will receive a detailed project report that includes login details of all the profiles created along with a new Gmail (or other) email used for confirming the registrations. You can reset or request your passwords by visiting individual social media properties and following their instructions. Your password will be emailed to the new Gmail account used during registration.

Do I get passwords for all the profiles that you create?

Yes. You will receive a detailed report upon completion of the project that includes all the logins, usernames and passwords

What if my name or brand name is already taken?

If your chosen name/brand is not available on any network, we will use an alternate/variation of your brand. You will get to specify up to 4 different brand name choices when you signup. 

On what basis do you rank the websites on your list?

We rank social media networks based on the number of visitors they get, Alexa rankings, Google rankings, number of members and various other parameters so that your brand gets maximum exposure to highly targeted audience

How will I know whether you have indeed created profiles on all the networks? I mean do I get a report?

You are going to get a detailed report upon completion of your project. This includes all the social media property names, URLs and login details

Will I get a chance to choose the username and the password?

Yes. When you signup, you will be asked to provide upto 4 choices of usernames. Secure passwords will be generated automatically for each network. You will get a list in your project report.

What do I do with the profiles that I have already created on my own?

If you have already created profiles, you can provide the logins for our team to implement our strategic LinkVantage system -OR- you can advice us so that we create profiles on other networks. Please use the project details form when you signup to alert us of your choice.

Can I select the networks where my profiles have to be created?

Our list includes an exhaustive array of top social networking sites ranked based on several parameters. Selection of networks is not recommended and not allowed

What kind of results can I expect?

Your brand is your most important business asset. By claiming your brand on social media networks, you will not only secure your asset but also attract targeted visitors from these "highly-active" networks. When you signup, we will create your profiles on 50+ social networks within 7-10 days. You own everything and there are absolutely no hassles, royalties, copyrights or hidden charges.

How many people will work on my project?

We have a HUGE infrastructure with more than 50 people working on various projects and campaigns. Your project will be handled by a team of 3 social media experts headed by a project manager.

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