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Become An Expert 

How to Position Yourself as an 

Expert in Any Niche and Conquer it

Do what you do best, and be the best.


Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
Becoming an Expert – What Does It Actually Mean?

Chapter 2:
The Prerequisite to Being an Expert – Having the Knowledge

Chapter 3:
Education through Observation

Chapter 4:
Practice Makes Perfect – Deliberate and Non-Deliberate Practice

Chapter 5:
A Great Way to Become an Expert at Something – Teach It to Someone

Chapter 6:
Improving – The Hallmark of an Expert 

Chapter 7:
Building People’s Trust

Chapter 8:
Becoming Visible – Selling Yourself through High Visibility

Chapter 9:
Expertise Lies in What You Want to Achieve

Chapter 10:

When Do You Become an Expert?